Knowledge Transfer & Coaching

Knowledge Transfer & Coaching

Staverton’s end-to-end Knowledge Transfer offering provides clients with training in five independent procurement modules.

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Strategic Sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing module is underpinned by Staverton’s Procurement Dial ©. Following the completion of this module, clients will have a clear understanding of the sourcing process and strategic sourcing levers that can be utilised to develop robust category strategies.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Successfully embedded SRM programs typically deliver 2-3% post-request for proposal (RFP) cost savings while driving innovation, improved revenues, and service benefits. The module outlines the key components required to implement SRM within client organisations, addressing topics such as spend segmentation, SRM techniques, and the importance of SRM in procurement.


The Negotiation module upskills clients by placing them in interactive negotiation scenarios. This module focuses on the importance of pre-negotiation planning, the benefits of a collaborative approach, the common barriers to negotiations, and how to overcome them.

Category Playbooks

The Category Playbooks provide clients with a full suite of key procurement documents specific to a sub-category of spend. The playbooks cover a wide range of categories and key documents including baseline templates, RFPs, and contracts with fit-for-purpose KPIs.

Effective Contracting

Staverton’s Effective Contracting module enhances the client’s ability to manage contracts with third-party providers, from forming a better understanding of the contracting cycle and the types of contracts to measuring supplier performance and managing disputes.

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