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We work across multiple sectors, from Private Equity, Retail, Food & Beverage to Luxury brands, and much more.

Staverton was formed by co-founders Neil Aitken, Will Bowley, and Will McEachern in a spin-out from a successful procurement consultancy. Staverton was devised to focus on providing best-in-class procurement services to the Private Equity, SME, and Growth sectors.

Team Experience

With deep experience across a wide range of direct and indirect spend categories, our specialists provide additional capacity, along with expertise in categories where there are current knowledge gaps in client organisations.


The completion of a significant amount of sourcing initiatives across a wide range of sectors and categories has enabled us to develop robust benchmark data.

Market Insights

We have access to extensive market intelligence, providing internal teams with greater insight into dynamic and continuously evolving direct and indirect supply markets.

Why Staverton

Staverton looks to differentiate itself from alternative consultancies using a variety of approaches. Our proprietary, best-in-class methodologies enable us to deliver sustainable category strategies while supporting the optimisation of client procurement functions.

UP to 10x ROI

The return on investment versus our fees is typically between 4-8x, but has also delivered returns of up to 10x.


Having adopted best-in-class sourcing methodologies to formulate category strategies, following client approval strategies are implemented to ensure savings are translated to client P&Ls.

Strategic Sourcing

Staverton’s Procurement Dial is a 6 step methodology used to develop robust category strategies. All strategies are formulated using a full range of best-in-class strategic sourcing levers.

Cost Transparency

Staverton is able to offer a variety of commercial models, ranging from time and materials to fixed-fee engagements. Whichever the model, we look to maximise client budget certainty wherever possible.

Change Management

We drive effective change management by securing stakeholder buy-in from the outset of initiatives, empowering them with decision-making responsibility throughout the sourcing process to ensure alignment.

Knowledge Transfer

Working with client teams, we provide valuable insight versus alternative sourcing organisations and help to drive improvements to performance and capability.

The Directors

The Directors have extensive experience providing clients with a broad range of procurement services. Typically, all engagements begin with an Opportunity Assessment, which identifies if and where value can be added and provides clarity on the scope of work.

The Directors have worked together across multiple sectors including Private Equity, Retail, Food & Beverage, Luxury, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing. Their work has delivered savings and efficiencies for clients of all sizes, from small growth companies to established industry leaders in several geographies including Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

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